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CMS Releases Final Payment Rules for 2024

CMS published updates for 2024 which include a decline in physician reimbursement, new codes for complex patients, caregiver training, social determinants of health.  There is an expansion to supervision guidelines and 230 new CPT codes. Vistec can help you navigate these changes.

December 2023

CMS Releases Final Payment Rules for 2023

CMS published updates for 2023 which include a decline in physician reimbursement and an extension of telehealth services. There is an expansion in providers who can supervise behavioral health services to allow licensed professional counselors and therapists.

November 2022

"Incident To" is on the radar

Is your office billing under "incident to" guidelines? With an increase in this type of billing comes an increase in audits. Make sure that you are following the guidelines or be prepared to refund the additional reimbursement received.

"Incident to" and the initial office visit - evaluation & management service guidelines (

August 2022

E/M Changes for 2023

There are more E/M code changes coming in 2023. The AMA published a summary of new, revised and deleted codes. There are changes in more than 40 categories including the elimination of level 1 consults and revision to the Medical Decision Making (MDM) table.

July 2022

Home Use of Oxygen

"Effective July 8, 2022, the MAC may determine reasonable and necessary coverage of oxygen therapy and oxygen equipment in the home for patients who are not described in section B or precluded by section C of this NCD.  Initial coverage for patients with other conditions may be limited to the shorter of 90 days or the number of days included in the practitioner prescription at MAC discretion. Oxygen coverage may be renewed if deemed medically necessary by the MAC."

July 2022

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