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Services provided are tailored to find the right balance of best industry practices and customizing workflows that fit the unique characteristics of each practice and its patients.


Let’s collaborate to develop and execute an effective top down strategy for your practice.

Management Consulting


Staff Training and Education



Denial Management

Payments & Refunds

IT Infrastructure Support

Helpdesk Support

Patient Portals


Reimbursement Analysis



Claim scrubbing

Patient and Ins Billing

AR Follow up

Customer service

Software Development

Practice Management Software

Health Home/Care Management



The management team at Vistec Partners understands that planning and monitoring are key to the successful implementation of change and meeting goals. Executives are often juggling high level matters and unable to monitor the practice at all levels. Through a consulting engagement, Vistec Partner’s experts can understand your organization and identify possible gaps. After performing an assessment and based on a combination of industry metrics and experience, recommendations are documented and presented to the practice.




Vistec’s proprietary software provides 75+ standard reports that provide high level as well as drill down reporting related to productivity, finance and operations. Unfortunately, many of us are bombarded with reports and don’t have time to read and interpret them. Our reports are dynamic and designed to provide actionable information based on the current trends within the practice.

Value Based Programs


Vistec Partners assists providers in navigating the shift toward value-based compensation. This can be service driven through programs such as CCM and PCMH or it can be data driven through MACRA reporting to CMS and other quality data reporting requirements.

Revenue Cycle Management


We understand that each practice’s needs are different. For that reason, the services offered can be customized based on the situation. Practices that partner with us take advantage of solutions our team has developed over the last 12 years.

  • Eligibility is provided real time and/or in batch mode using API technology so that the process is seamless, and users don’t have to look beyond the current EMR/PMS.

  • Certified coders review medical records to determine proper coding for each patient encounter.

  • Billing rules engine provide practice, plan and code specific guidance to scrub claims before they are submitted improving first claim pass rate.

  • Patient statement delivery within 24 hours including address verification to reduce returned mail for bad address. If patients are providing an email address, e-statements save even more time and money.

  • Vistec Partners’ proprietary software has been developed and used by customers over the last 12 years as an add on tool to any EMR/PMS.


Don’t work hard….Work Smart

Denial Management


Most practices lose between 5% and 10% due to insurance denials. Our proprietary rules engine, sorts through the incoming information to determine the validity of the denial and automates the response. The result is faster turn around and robust reporting capabilities.

Project Management


Insurance companies erroneously process claims and even uphold denials that were generated incorrectly. The project management tool provide automation and easy tracking of bulk AR projects needs to close the gap that would otherwise be written off.

Insurance AR


Are you spending $100 to collect $80? Often times, the effort going into AR follow up is larger than the return. Using our rules engine, balances are prioritized into worklists so that team members are working on the right claims in the right order.

Patient AR


The increase in patient consumerism means an increase in patient billing. Without the right solutions in place, the cost of postage and staff time can easily get out of control. Using a combination of snail mail, email and phone calls we can find the right fit for your patients.

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